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Innovation in game learning

An innovative table tennis learning tool focused on stroke definitions explained through detailed key body parts positions and movements.

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Unveil the secrets of pro players, learn and practice with Table Tennis Strokes app and become a better table tennis player today! This invaluable and unique table tennis learning tool is designed to fit the needs of every table tennis player who wants to achieve pro skill level. It’s simple and easy to use with intuitive user interface and great features such as:

Pro-player demonstration

The strokes demonstrations are done by a professional table tennis player and recorded with a hi-speed camera.

30 strokes description

The 30 most important strokes in the table tennis game are covered in the app divided into 3 categories: Forehand, Backhand and Serve&Receive.

3-phase shot explanation

To make it easier to understand and implement the learned skills each stroke is divided into 3 stroke phases:
Phase1: Preparation - before the player hits the ball,
Phase2: Hit - the moment of the racket-ball contact,
Phase3: Finish - the follow-through after hitting the ball.


Interactive body key points Images

Focusing on the players body parts such as hands, shoulders, feet, knees, wrists, ankles, head, eyes etc., Table Tennis Strokes indicates the most important points on the human body with a very simple and easy to implement instructions and advices that suggest the best body parts positions for the most effective strokes and game play. This method brings a fast learning curve so users can expect to perform correct and efficient strokes in a very short time with ease and discover the new dimension of the table tennis sport and enjoy the game.

Video loop

Table Tennis Strokes has 30 video loops recorded in a real-life table tennis environment performed by a professional table tennis player.

Slow-motion frame control

The app has a very useful tool for analyzing the players in slow-motion. It enables users to carefully study each fraction of a second (frame-by-frame) by dragging a slider button and playing the video in slow-motion both backward and forward.

Still Images
Key Point Descriptions

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Watch Table Tennis Strokes in action

Take a look into Table Tennis Strokes promotional video and get to know the feeling of learning the table tennis game through innovation.

Download Table Tennis Strokes to discover and learn the secrets of this magical sport.

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